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Strategic Solar Marketing PlanS

What’s the biggest mistake most solar companies make with their strategic marketing plan? Not having one in the first place.
There's No Doubt About It...

In the solar industry, trying to cut through the noise online is harder than ever. There are thousands of companies, how do you separate yourself and stand out?

Competition in the industry is at an all-time high. Resources are stretched, and budgets are tight—we get it.

And with new tactics, tools, and talk about online marketing strategies surfacing each and every day, it's easy to get overwhelmed, fast.

“Try email marketing.” “You can’t go wrong with Facebook ads.” “ Email and Facebook are passé—you need a local marketing strategy for your solar company.”

With so much conflicting information in front of you, how can you possibly figure out what works for you—and prioritize the best marketing strategies to get you results?

Strategic Solar Marketing Plans

Strategic Solar Marketing Plans

At Solar Energy Marketing, our strategic marketing plans help make the difference in your business.

In a series of deep-dive meetings and questionnaires, we run through all aspects of your business with you—from how and where you show up online, to whether or not you're positioning yourself as a trusted solar resource to your customers.

Then, we'll do extensive research into what your buyers are searching for online and prepare a robust marketing strategy to help you reach your target market better than ever before.

What's included

An Actionable Strategic Marketing Plan
Clear marketing strategy


On your business, products, and services

Marketing techniques


For delighting your customers on and offline

Solar marketing strategies


To outpace competition & utilize opportunities

Solar SEO

SEO Plan

For appearing higher in search engines

Build Marketing Momentum & See a Larger ROI

  • Attract more of your ideal customers

  • Grow your sales

  • Be able to compete confidently in your market

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Our company, Nuance Energy Group, hired Solar Energy Marketing to help with marketing strategy, Web, digital, SEO, and e-mail marketing. The depth of knowledge, ability to execute quickly and efficiently, and results that Debra and her team have has helped us to achieve have been immensely valuable to our company. SEO is incredibly difficult for a new company entering a crowded marketplace, yet with their expert guidance, we have jumped in rankings and are now on page one in one of our top categories! Our Website, digital advertising, and email marketing program continues to deliver a large number of high-quality leads. We highly recommend the Solar Energy Marketing team to anyone looking to scale their business.

Stelli Munnis
Nuance Energy Group, Inc

Working with Solar Energy Marketing has been a wonderful experience. With all the website creators out there, it would have been easy to select a simple operation and have a website up and running in a matter of days. However, Solar Energy Marketing does not work like that. They will not move forward without creating a strategic road map for getting your business the web traffic you are seeking. They engage you with a series of strategy sessions that very few companies would ever consider doing, or taking the time to work with you on. This complete strategy analysis provides the framework for the website and related content; and allows each part to be fully customized to what your business is promoting. I would not trust anyone else with my design and marketing content. This has truly transformed our business and Debra with her creative team are second to none!

Paul Chojnacky
Bright Planet Consulting