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Turn Solar Leads Into Paying Customers in Less Time

November 16, 2018
Turn Solar Leads Into Paying Customers in Less Time

In the solar industry, you may have heard, or even said this before... “work smarter, not harder.”

Then, real life happens.  

You find you and your sales team tirelessly working to:

  • Get more leads
  • Get qualified leads
  • Nurture leads
  • Close sales
  • Deliver what you sold them
  • Upsell happy customers

A lot of the time what you get instead are leads who weren't that interested anyway.

We call them tire-kickers—they make you waste time with no intent of ever purchasing from you.

What if you didn't have to waste time on tire-kickers and instead were able to spend it where it's most valuable?

Turns out, you can nurture leads smarter instead of harder.

Here’s how.

1. What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation automates your sales process, delivery of your products and services, and can even help upsell customers through the use of certain software.

For example, when a prospect shows interest in one of your products or services (downloading a resource, signing up for your email list, or spending time on a specific service page), that action triggers the software to send them related, valuable content.

We can send them related content in a couple of ways:

A. Based on an action they took

Let's say that someone on your website is looking at your residential solar service page. They may briefly wander over to a ground mount solar or carport solar page, but the bulk of their time was spent on the residential page.

Multiple page visits to one particular page (or even related resources like blog posts) would trigger that this person should be sent more information on residential solar. This way, this person is only receiving information that they are actually interested in, and thus, you're creating a warmer, easier to close lead.

You can also segment your list based on types of people; for example, a CEO of a large company might receive one type of message while a Manager might receive another.

B. Their current sales cycle stage

Chances are, you have a variety of different prospects. They can range anywhere from:

  • “Just looking”
  • Ready for a phone call
  • Ready for an in person consultation
  • Ready to be installed
  • Already a customer and ready for more of your services
  • Ready to send you positive reviews and referrals

Each stage in the typical solar sales cycle requires different tones and content. This personalized approach helps convert prospects into leads and leads into customers.

And since these prospects will be receiving valuable, related content without you having to lift a finger, you’ll be saving your most valuable time for conversations with warm leads.

In other words, you can finally stop repeating the same information over and over to each prospect.

2. Can Marketing Automation Really Help My Solar Business?

When the question "What do you wish you had more of?" is asked, most people reply with "Time."

What if you could save more time in your solar business? What would that do for your business, or even your personal life?

Well, you may have heard this one before too...Time = Money.

Since automating your business helps prioritize leads, you can reach out to the most engaged people first - and know their interests before you even pick up the phone.

You can finally say "So long!" to tire-kickers with no buying intention and nurture lower-interested prospects by sending targeted information until they are ready to talk.

At this point, you’ve saved hours of time (and money) from explaining the same things again and again.

Then, once your new customers have made the plunge, could your deliveries be automated? If you're delivering the same things over and over, probably!And the time-saving doesn’t end after you deliver.

So if all these things were happening in the background…

How much more efficient could your business be?

How much more money could you make?

How much could you grow?

...And how much faster?

3. How Do I Get Started?

First, it’s important to know that effective marketing automation comes from the strategy behind the technology: sending exactly the right information to the right people at the right time.

That’s why the most important part of marketing automation is strategic content.

Without that, you're guessing.

Since successful marketing automation requires both strategy and consistency, you'll want either an in-house marketing team, or an outside agency to take care of everything for you.

If working with an outside agency sounds interesting to you, here's what we can help with:

  • Internal tasks and notifications based on time or contact behaviors
  • Nurturing leads through your sales process
  • Upselling customers
  • Getting reviews and referrals

If you'd like to talk about closing more solar sales in less time with marketing automation, give us a call at 916-932-4096, or just click here to book a time!

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