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3 Things That Are Holding Back Your Solar Marketing

September 23, 2015
3 Things That Are Holding Back Your Solar Marketing

As with any business, marketing for solar companies is part science and part dark art. A solar installer or manufacturer could, in spite of marketing experience and skill, go wrong in a few ways that aren't obvious. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1. Stale Web Content

Aside from having content only about your business on your website, the worst thing is for content to be old and outdated. If your company has a blog that hasn't been used in months, maybe the blog doesn't serve a purpose now. If the last news or information page is more than one month old, it might be time for new content. Consistent fresh content is a great way to let your customers know you're current and up to date—the same goes for Google.

2. Poor Follow-up

A survey of rooftop solar customers by Velocify found that almost 40% of prospects either never heard from the company or had to wait weeks. Being slow to follow-up or not doing so just gives potential customers time to find another vendor. Consider implementing marketing automation software like Act-On software to help nurture leads and lead them through your sales funnel. (Contact us to learn the benefits of marketing automation)

3. No Marketing Strategy

A comprehensive plan for reaching solar buyers is a must, of course. Whether the plan is to reach individuals or business buyers, your company needs to know what they need or want, and what concerns the buyers need to see addressed before they'll choose a vendor. Before embarking down a new path of marketing, go into discovery and uncover the real problems that need to be solved—this method results in better outcomes because it's aimed at finding the deep rooted issues that need to be solved in order to generate and convert more leads.

Old content, poor follow-up, and a disorganized marketing plan can all keep visitors from becoming leads and from being leads to becoming paying customers. Create a unified strategy to reach potential customers online, engage them, nurture them, and convert them into buyers.

If you have any questions about marketing strategies and how they could work for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out. Click here to book some time with us so we can learn more about your business goals.

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