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Free Marketing Review & Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Stop Losing Solar Prospects to Competitors Online

Want to talk more about how you can move ahead and generate more solar leads?
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Find out how your company and your top solar competitors are marketing their solar businesses online. This information could help your company find additional solar marketing opportunities that you may be unaware of.

During your Marketing Review & Competitive Analysis, we'll discuss:

  • How many prospects are visiting your competitor's websites versus your website?
  • We will review your competitor's website and your website data to analyze which strategies are driving online traffic, including:
    • How much traffic is coming to each website?
    • How engaged are the prospects on each website?
    • Is most of the online traffic coming from prospects that already know who you/they are?
    • How many referral links does each website have and what are their sources?
    • How much traffic is coming from social media, email marketing, prospects searching online,  and/or PPC?
  • We will review if your competitors are using additional SEO strategies to engage prospects including:
    • SEO content based on questions prospects are searching for online
    • SEO content based on specific locations prospects are searching from

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